All About Folk Music Guitars – The Top Instruments Used

The instrument that is the most used in folk music in America is the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument that has a natural sound, unlike the electronic instruments of this day and age. This article will tell you which guitars are the ones that the most prominent players of folk music use.


The Taylor guitars are one of, if not, the best made guitars ever in the world. The guitars are sturdy, durable, have a warm sound, and they’re suitable for heavy strumming or fingerpicking. There are only a few who wouldn’t agree, but there are many people who do agree. A few famous people who use Taylors are Suzanne Vega, Iris DeMent, Nanci Griffith, and more.



The Guild guitars may be huge and bulky, but the sound they have is warm, thick, and raw. The electronics in the guitars are amazing, and the guitar doesn’t lose hold of its tunings easily, which is a pleasant thing to have. The guitars from Guild are made to be heavy-duty. Some famous people that use Guild guitars are John Denver, Jerry Garcia, and Paul Simon.


If you go out to a place where an open mic event is going on, you will probably find one or two people using a Martin guitar. Many people around the world use Martin guitars, but that isn’t a coincidence since the guitars’ sound is full and warm. You will feel at home when you hear one of these guitars. Also, the guitars look good, and they’re lightweight. The popular users of Martin guitars are Bob Dylan, Patty Griffin, Woody Guthrie, and so much more.



The guitars from Gibson are not only good-looking, but their sound is spectacular. Their incredible sound is because of the electronics that they integrate into the guitar, which keeps the acoustic sound of the guitar good even if you plug them in and have the volume at it’s highest. They’re a bit more challenging to play than Martins, but it is worth it. The popular users of Gibson guitars are Keb Mo, Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams, and many more.


Epiphones are manufactured by Gibson, which is a reason why a lot of people love Epiphone guitars. The guitars produce a fantastic sound, and the guitars themselves are worth it for the value. The guitars are well built, and the tunings don’t get lost quickly in this one too. This one is a list worthy brand that every budding guitarist envies. Many famous artists of folk music use these guitars, some of them include John Lennon, Steve Earle, Patti Griffin, and much more.


Guitars that are made by Gretsch have a fantastic sound, and they’re well-made for fingerpicking. There are a bunch of famous people who owned a Gretsch guitar at one point or another, and some of them are Bo Diddley, Neil Young, and George Harrison.


You may know Yamaha because they are mostly known for manufacturing DVD players and television sets, but they surprisingly make decent enough instruments too. The guitars they make are suitable for beginners, but there are also professionals that use them. Some of the famous players who use Yamaha guitars are Mark Oakley, Edwin McCain, and Keb Mo.

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