All about the Fiddle

The fiddle is a musical instrument with four strings. It is classified under the category of string instruments, and it is also known as a smaller version of the violin. The fact is that there is little or no difference between a violin and the fiddle. The minor difference between the two is the type of music each instrument produces. It is played with a string the same way a violin is played. The word fiddle is said to be a musical style related to folk music. Although the origin of ‘the fiddle’ is relatively unknown, the name ‘fiddle’ is said to be coined from the English word ‘file’.

English Folk music

The instrument was known to be a significant part of the Irish folk music, Classical music, English Folk music, Scandinavian music, Africa music amongst others. The fiddle is very similar to a violin, the difference between the two is the type of music each produce and the name. Also, regarding size, the fiddle is smaller in size to a violin. The fiddle is known to produce quick musical notes from that encourage movements. The production of Fiddle can be traced to as far back as the 15th century when fiddle makers such as Andrea Amati started production of the musical instrument in 1500. Also, history has it that the first fiddles during the middle ages were crafted from bow instrument.

Initially, the fiddle was played for ceremonial purposes on events like weddings, burial ceremonies and birthdays. It was also played occasionally at less formal ceremonies by people of the lower class. The use of Fiddle as a musical instrument was not given much attention until popular classical musicians like Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart began using the It to compose their songs. The old traditional fiddle is crafted from wood, but in some countries, metal materials from like cactuses, tin cans. Different countries have unique ways of crafting the fiddle. The way a fiddle is crafted in Africa may not be the same with how it is crafted in any of the European countries. So, it should not come as a surprise to you if you see a fiddle that is different from the one you are accustomed to. For instance, there is a fiddle known as the Stroh fiddle in Northern Ireland.

This Stroh fiddle comes with a horn inserted on its side; the purpose of this horn to amplify the sound coming from the instrument. There is another type of violin known as the Stradivarius fiddles, which were used in the 8th century. There are less 600 Stradivarius fiddles in existence now; this made it a precious piece and was sold for $3.5 million in 1998. Some famous fiddle players of all time include; Bob Wills, Mark O-Connor, Bobby Hicks, Jimmy Gyles, Aubrey Hayney and many others. Some parts of the fiddle that you know are; the bass bar, strings, sound hole, bridge, peg box, back plate, bow, tailpiece, and chinrest. Finally, in case you have an interest in learning this unique musical instrument, experts are of the view that it takes about 200 hours to master this instrument and become an expert.

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