Folk music bands from all over the world

Folk is one of the few music genres that has managed to pass the test of time. This music genre first appeared around sometime in the late 50’s and had a great mythological influence. Like any other music style, it evolved with times and incorporated many different elements. We can see that many folk bands gained a lot of popularity recently. Many people consider that this genre is for the older demographic, but this can’t be further from the truth. At every folk festival, we can see more and more young people enjoying this amazing music. Folk is one of the genres that managed to find a home in every country of the world. We have listed some of the best folk bands from all around the world in order to extend your music knowledge and to give you some examples of this amazing music.


This is an Irish folk band that was also very popular in the UK. You can sense the strong Celtic heritage in every note. This band offers quite unique songs that can be only found in a band that has strong Celtic roots. The songs are very cheerful and calming and they are definitely worth listening. They are the perfect combination of the mythological elements and traditional folk.


Colcannon is a folk bands that has roots in Australia. The rhythm may sound Celtic at first, but you will feel the strong Australian accent of this band. They have amazing songs that will take you back to simpler, more beautiful times. The band has a very unique style and some songs even reflect elements from traditional local music. It is truly a band worth listening.

ARC Music Productions

This is a Spanish folk band with a unique approach. You will find many traditional Spanish music instruments in their songs, but perhaps the most unique is the bagpipe. The band originated in Asturia. This region has a very old music tradition. Many of their songs reflect the old heritage of the place and the bagpipe offers unique notes. The band can be considered a perfect combination between the traditional folk and local beats.


Genticorum is one of the most popular folk bands in Canada. They manage to bring their own style to music and you can sense the strong Quebec influence in every song. Their works are very melodic, and they are a pleasure to listen to. They have a very relaxed and cheerful style that will be perfect for every folk lover.

Moishe’s Bagel

Moishe’s Bagel is considered to be an almost international folk band. They incorporate elements from the traditional Balkan music and mix it with Asian tunes and folk beats. The music is pure art and you will feel like you are traveling the whole world by only listening to their songs. The combination of styles made them one of the most respected folk bands. They are considered some of the most creative bands thanks to their originality and their super unique style.

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