The Story Behind Simon and Garfunkel – Folk Music Legends

Folk music is one that is characterised by not just the instruments or the place that they originate from. The musicians who perform folk music also add their own flair to the music to make it sound and feel authentic in every way. Paul Simon, along with Art Garfunkel, are two friends who met each other in elementary school and became inseparable when they hit sixth grade. Today these two are the very meaning and icon of folk music that has surprised and continues to shock the world. Their very existence in the music industry defined how the audience perceives pop music on the radio. 

The Story Behind Simon and Garfunkel - Folk Music Legends
The Story Behind Simon and Garfunkel – Folk Music Legends

Their Beginnings and Childhood

The duo lived just a couple of streets away from each other throughout their schooling years and performed in school plays together right from small. They grew up in the Queens neighbourhood and did not particularly come from affluent means. When their friendship was established, they began performing from the start. They learnt how to vocalise with each other and were in a band. Soon in high school, they began working together just by themselves and stood out amongst the crowd. When they decided to spend $25 and record their first song, least did they expect that a famous promoter would pick them up on the spot and sign them onto Big Records.

The young boys did not wish to use their real names and went with Tom and Jerry after the popular cartoon at the time to release the song they recorded in 1957. This was the first and only investment that the duo ever made and by far the best $25 anyone with talent could spend at the time. They were a sensation almost instantly. Soon record companies were knocking on their door but only after making several songs that were never released with Big Records.

Split but Reunited

The duo decided to part ways when they hit college and took off individually as artists and worked with other musicians. However, in 63′ they got back together and recorded the album Sound of Silence. This was with the record company Columbia Records which was the next big thing they did together. As a duo with a massive producer, the pair was famous overnight and released more albums but this time under their own names. The most noteworthy thing about the Sound of Silence record was that it was recorded in just three weeks. Over the next decade, the duo saw hit after hit and even signed up with CBS records at a time, the same that produced Michael Jacksons albums.

Their time together was way beyond the two ever could imagine that it took a massive hit on their own personal relationships with each other. Paul Simon started working independently while Art Garfunkel went into the acting industry. The band broke up in 1971 after an official announcement. However, they reunited again in 1972 to perform together for the first time after their break and again made a hit song together in 1975. The truth was blaring, the duo was perfect together and were never meant to be apart. As the years went by, more breakups and reunites later, the pair were never the same again and were not able to top the competition in the current scenario. However, today, the music they made together when everything was hunky-dory is regarded with pride and cherished of a legacy.

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